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Cherry and Clark now does rooftop inspections via the latest in drone technology.

Commercial Roofing in Toronto & the GTA

Cherry and Clark Roofing is one of the most experienced commercial roofers Toronto has to offer. We have been in the roofing industry since 1972; a heritage not many commercial roofing companies have in Toronto. No commercial roofing job is too large or too small for Cherry and Clark Roofing. Whether you are considering a small commercial roofing job or a massive Toronto commercial roofing installation job, we will provide you with the highest level of commercial roofing services.

As the most experienced commercial roofers we have a dedicated Commercial Division and are able to handle most any type of roofing project including flat roofing and metal roofing. We offer:

  • EPDM,
  • TPO,
  • PVC,
  • SBS,
  • B.U.R Roofing systems, 

Our team will review your project with you to determine which product and/or system will best suit your needs.

Why you should choose Cherry and Clark Roofing as your commercial roofer: 

  • Highly experienced commercial roofing company in Toronto – serving customers since 1972.
  • The most cost effective roofing solutions.
  • Highly reputed company with a long list of happy customers to vouch for the quality of the services.
  • Dependable, full-time customer support team available to our clients even years after your roofing installation.
  • Prompt service.
  • Manufacturer certified installers.

Fully insured Toronto Commercial Roofers

When you are considering commercial roofers in Toronto, it is your responsibility to ensure your commercial roofing company is fully insured. If you choose a company that is not adequately covered, your company could assume unnecessary liability and/or WSIB claims that could end up costing your organization time and money. Cherry and Clark Roofing is a fully insured commercial roofing company. By choosing our commercial roofing services you will not only receive professional roofing installations and dependable roofing repair services but you will also experience peace of mind. As fully insured commercial roofers serving Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga and the GTA, we take all precautions to protect our clients from any unnecessary risks should someone get injured.

Inspection and Maintenance Programs to Extend the Life of Commercial Roofs.

Like any other system, roofs need to undergo routine maintenance in order to perform optimally. However, building owners often depend on long-term warranties to protect them should a roof fail. Manufacturer warranties assume no responsibility for routine maintenance, and a roofing warranty may become void if no routine maintenance was conducted. Not unlike your company vehicles, your roof is an asset and needs regular inspections. The cost of a routine maintenance program and/or inspection is nominal. The cost of no routine maintenance or inspection can be enormous and extend well beyond the initial cost of the repair:

  • loss of heat,
  • slip and fall injuries,
  • cost of business interruption,
  • cost of damage to inventory, etc.

The Program

Cherry and Clark Roofing Co. Ltd. offers a custom Preventative Maintenance Program that is available to commercial and residential building owners. Experience proves that this unique service allows building owners to prolong the life of one of their largest investments (their roof system) through regular inspections and maintenance.

The Typical Approach to Roof Repairs

Most building owners wait until obvious problems are apparent before conducting maintenance. This decision is motivated by the desire to save money, but is in fact counterproductive and will increase roof life-cycle costs. Many building owners do not realize that the internal components of their system could be in jeopardy long before damage becomes visible. For example, leaks do not typically occur until after the roofing system or insulation has worn down or there has been deck damage. These components can be protected through a Preventative Maintenance Program, and repairs made during a preventative maintenance visit will prevent major damage, and will save money in the long term.

The Cherry and Clark Roofing Approach

Each building owner has an expectation of roof life, which is typically used as a budgeting tool. At Cherry and Clark Roofing we believe that a realistic expectation of roof life can be realized through investment in the proven benefits of proactive maintenance. The service offered is custom, and varies from one roof to another based on factors such as age, initial condition, and materials present. The service is however structured around the following recommended procedure and priorities:

Annual, bi-annual, or quarterly inspections involving interior and exterior examinations of the roof and surrounding areas with an emphasis on surface damage, accumulation of water, and drainage areas.
Documentation and assessment, and presentation to the client. It is our objective to make each building owner aware of the major service and maintenance considerations that a roof system requires. This knowledge allows owners to make informed long-term economic decisions about their roof.
Recommendations for repairs. Necessary repairs will be outlined and priced, and presented to the owner for approval.

The Facts

According to a study conducted by the The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress, the average life expectancy of a low-slope roof is 13-17 years. Information based on data gathered in a 15-year alliance between Firestone Building Products and ProLogis shows that with a Preventative Maintenance Program in place, this average life expectancy increases to 21 years. Further information based on the same data shows that where a Preventative Maintenance Program is in place the average life-cycle cost is $0.14 per square foot compared to $0.25 per square foot where a reactive program is in place. There is a consensus within the industry that a Preventative Maintenance Program is in the best interest of any building owner or facilities manager.

Additional Benefits of Regular Inspections and Proactive Maintenance

Warranties: A Preventative Maintenance Program can protect building owners from the limitations of their existing warranties. For example, many manufacturers' warranties require periodic inspections, and define these as "owner responsibilities." Regular inspections carried out by Cherry and Clark Roofing will help to ensure the continuance of existing coverage. In addition, since not all damage to the roofing system is covered by a manufacturer's warranty – cuts and punctures are typically not covered, nor is damage made by other trade installers (HVAC etc.) – Cherry and Clark Roofing provides security by exposing issues, and addressing them quickly.

Severe Weather Inspections

With or without a Preventative Maintenance Program in place, it is essential that building owners arrange a thorough roof inspection following extreme weather conditions (high winds, heavy snowfalls, hail and downpours). Recognizing the potential damage these conditions can cause can add from one to five years to the life of a roof. 

For additional information, or to arrange a site inspection, commercial roof installation or maintenance program, contact Cherry and Clark Roofing Co. Ltd. online at Roof Inspections.