Urgent Wind Damage Repair Request

Due to the recent wind storm, many people are left with wind damaged roofs and properties. Some are as minor as one missing shingle and some as extreme as entire sections of their roof have blown off.

We have emergency repair crews available to come and make your roof watertight as a first and most important step.

This emergency repair is most often a temporary measure to keep water out until a proper and final repair or roof replacement can be completed.  This may consist of applying a waterproof membrane or tarp to protect bare areas of the roof or replacing shingles (which may or may not be a match to the surrounding area). Once watertight, then an estimate for a final repair or replacement can be done as a second step.

We are currently charging a flat fee of $450.00 plus materials, plus HST for this service in the majority of cases (fee may be subject to change).  For three-storey roofs and other certain conditions related to difficult access or other complications, this fee may be more.  We require a credit card number to secure a booking for this service when we respond to you via telephone We can advise you regarding timing and scheduling when we reach you on the phone however, due to the extremely high volume of requests we are unfortunately not currently able to provide same day or next day repairs.


If you would like to proceed with a request for an emergency repair, please complete the form below and we will contact you as quickly as possible: