Did You Know

Cherry and Clark now does rooftop inspections via the latest in drone technology.

Roofing Contractors & Roof Repairs in Toronto

Our roofing services include:

  • residential roofing, including shingling in ashphalt, cedar, metal, and slate
  • commercial roofing
  • flat roofing
  • roof maintenance and emergency repairs
  • insurance repairs: repairs, reports from our highly responsive service team
  • ice removal, snow guard, rooftop snow removal, ice damming: quick response to any issues with rooftop ice and snow; preventative ice/snow solutions
  • custom copper metalwork - for specialty flashing, ornamentation, eavestroughs, bay windows

Is my roof okay?

If your roof needs repairs, it's best to do them while any damage is minimal. Click here to learn more about warning signs of potential roof problems.  A roofing expert from Cherry & Clark can assess what work is required.  If you have spotted any of the warning signs listed below, ask us for an in-home consultation.

  • roof is 15 years or older
  • blistered or stained interior walls or ceilings
  • torn flashings
  • missing or torn shingles
  • peeling paint or water-stained brick where the walls meet the roof
  • sagging eavestroughs
  • damaged fascia or soffits (fascia are the planks to which gutters are attached, and soffits are ventilated covers that extend from the fascia to the house).

Cherry and Clark Roofing has been in business replacing roofs since 1972.  Our focus on customer service and the great pride we take in quality workmanship and exacting specifications has made Cherry and Clark Roofing the industry leader in residential re-roofing in Southern Ontario.  Today, Cherry and Clark offers a complete line of exterior renovations, including: roofing, siding, eaves troughs, shutters and skylights.