Some people may have no idea what hook and ladder contractors are, but they are handymen like your neighbor who doesn't specialize in one particular trade such as roofing. They are often cheaper than hiring someone who does specialize in roofing, so be careful… because you often get what you pay for.

A hook and ladder contractor is a home-based businessperson who offers his or her service at low rates and has no specialized training in roof repairs or does not have the proper equipment and tools. He might be a guy who has run out of luck and is trying to make a living using whatever skills he has or someone who time on his hands and is trying to make some extra cash. It's hardly surprising that he offers you the kind of rate he does.

This, however, doesn't mean that they are all conmon out to swindle you. It's just that most of them do not have the expertise, experience and resources to professionally accomplish the task you have entrusted them with. They often have trouble with things like managing their finances, keeping customer records and tracking warranties. All of this affects the quality of their work. It's not uncommon to hear homeowners complaining about the shoddy work done by hook and ladder contractors. 

Here are two more tangible reasons why hiring a hook and ladder contractor is not a good idea even if they charge you only a fraction of the rates that established companies do.

  • Workers safety and insurance premiums: Handymen do not have these premiums, which are mandatory for the employees of established roofing companies. As a result, you may be required to bear the costs of their medical treatment if they get hurt while working for you on your property.
  • General public liability insurance: A hook and ladder contractor does not have this type of insurance. Without this insurance, you may not be able to get compensation (from them) for any accidental or deliberate damages or injuries caused to you and your property. 

Hiring an established company for your home repairs and maintenance, including roof repair or replacement, may cost more, but you will have peace of mind knowing that your job will be completed professionally and with guarantees to back it up. With a hook and ladder contractor, you can never be sure until it's too late. So don't be seduced by the low prices of hook and ladder contractors.

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