Here at Cherry and Clark, we know that your satisfaction with our services is what keeps us in business, and with a history of nearly 40 years of success in the roof industry, we know what you expect. This is why we put our customers first and offer unparalleled service and skilled laborers, and provide affordable finance plans. We know that we provide the best roofing Toronto and the surrounding area has to offer, and these five characteristics are only a few of the traits that make us unique.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cherry & Clark  Roofing Co. Ltd.


We have been the premier choice for siding and roof repairs in Toronto and the GTA since 1972. Residents of Southern Ontario have come to know us as the roofing company to call for problem-free residential and commercial roofing concerns.

High Quality Advice 

We understand that many materials are not compatible with all roof replacements or repairs, and using improper products is the leading cause of defective roofs.
At Cherry and Clark, our consultants are dedicated to providing you with the best materials and roofing Toronto has to offer, so your new roof can look good while providing you with the best protection.


You may of heard of “fly-by-night” roofing companies that guarantee you immediate and budget friendly roofing repairs, but do a subpar job that just creates even more damage. At Cherry and Clark, we place quality and customer service as our highest priorities, and make sure the roof replacement or repair is done right the first time. Additionally, our liability and WSIB coverage protects you fully from all claims.


We’ll be honest with you. We'll tell you if you need a new roof. But we'll also tell you if you only need a repair.

Technical Expertise 

Our installers and consultants constantly stay on top of new developments in the roofing industry through ongoing training and seminars. This key strategy allows us to provide you with the best installations possible.

After-sales Service 

We leave most of our competition in the dust in this area. We have a fulltime service department that deals with any small issues that may arise after your installation. Our friendly staff handles your calls quickly and efficiently.

High Quality Installations

A roof is only as good as the tradesperson installing it, which is why we only hire the best roofers in Toronto. Some of the roofers that one of our founders Frank Cherry trained over 37 years ago are still working with us today, something that is rare in any industry. Our commitment to high quality installations is why we’re Baeumler Approved.



We provide the most comprehensive warranty in the business. Your roof is as important to us the day it’s installed as it is ten years from now, so we ensure that it has long term warranty coverage.
For your convenience, we provide an online request form for you to receive a free quote sent to your email inbox. For more information about our residential and commercial roofing services, contact us today!

Family Ownership 

Our company has been operating since 1972, is family owned and involved in the community.


We base our business on trust—your trust in us! And we’ll work harder than anyone else to keep it.