Ice damming is one of the most serious problems for your roof during the winter season. This problem is often caused by poor roof ventilation. Ice dams, when left unaddressed, can lead to more problems later on. Ice dams forming specifically on the gutter can prevent water and melting snow from dripping off the roof naturally. As a result, water will slowly find its way into compromised areas of your roof and can damage the ceiling underneath, the walls, and insulation. That is why it is very important to address ice damming issues as soon as you can, and prevent them from happening entirely.

Here are 3 fast fixes that can be effective whenever ice damming on your roof occurs:

1. Snow Removal

When ice damming on your roof occurs, the first move should be to remove as much water as you can in order to help the situation. Ice dams form quickly after a heavy snow. Raking the snow off your roof is one way of fixing – and preventing - this problem. Removing the snow off the roof may be a short-term solution, but it is one of the quickest ways to prevent ice damming from getting worse.

2. Channeling

Sometimes, you need a quick solution when ice damming has already caused water to leak into your house. One way to solve it is to make channels for the water. These channels can guide the way for the water to get past through the dams and off the roof. You can do this by using picks and a rubber hammer. Just be careful with the tools to avoid damaging the roof instead. Though helpful, channeling is just a temporary solution.

3.Call the Professionals

When ice damming creates overwhelming roofing problems, it's best to ask for help from the experts. Call the nearest roofing company and have them check and remove the ice dams from your roof. Roof experts have all the tools, skill, and means of addressing your current situation. They are experienced with problems like ice damming and they can solve this issue in a matter of hours.

When you let experts handle this problem, they can perform preventive measures to keep ice damming from happening to your roof again. The appropriate and long-term solution would be to solve the insulation and ventilation issues inside the roof. Preventive measures should be completed before winter comes around again, so contact the experts at Cherry & Clark. With over 40 years in the industry, we are the trusted name for ice dam repair and roofing services in Toronto.