Aside from a healthy dose of Vitamin D, there are other benefits to having skylights at home. Natural lighting in your home can help lessen the dependency on artificial lighting and it can also reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, skylights increase the aesthetic appeal of the house’s interior. Skylights have a lot of advantages, but they can be really troublesome to repair if they get damaged or broken.

At some point, your skylights may leak. If nothing is done to fix it as soon as possible, this leak can cause huge damage to the roof, ceiling, and even the floor below. There can be plenty of reasons why a skylight might leak. Fortunately, a leaking skylight is something that a roofing expert can fix easily. 

Reasons for a Leaking Skylight and How to Fix Them

The first thing to do after noticing a puddle directly below your skylight window is to check what the problem might be. Check both the inside and outside for a damp or a stained surface. Your problem might be a result of one of the following:

  • Pooled condensation
    During very cold weather, water condenses on the glass of the skylight and slowly creates a pool on the underside of the glass. This typically happens with single-glazed skylights. The water penetrates through even the slightest cracks in the window. This continues to happen until that slight crack becomes bigger and eventually lets in a considerable amount of moisture.
  • Lifted shingles
    In some cases, shingles and flashings surrounding your skylight are not properly installed. If a skylight is installed during a sunny season, you might not notice the problem until the rain or snow comes around. Lifted shingles occur when the roof is not properly nailed down. Water can easily leak through these openings. A professional can fix this problem by replacing the shingles and making sure that the roof is properly nailed down. 
  • Faulty Flashings
    Flashings are placed around the skylight to seal the skylight and roof as tight as possible. The roofing material must extend all the way around the flashing. If not, water can get trapped and cause leaks. Flashings can also become damaged as a result of corrosion and the formation of pinholes. 

If you notice an issue with a leaking skylight, it is best to attend to these repairs as soon as you can to avoid major repairs in the future. Be sure to check your skylights carefully every few months to make sure that there is no indication of leaking, cracking or other potential problems. If you do identify a leak or suspect that a leak might soon occur, don’t hesitate to give us a call. A Cherry & Clark Roofing expert can fix any of your leaking skylight issues and ensure that you’ll enjoy your beautiful skylight for years to come.