Home maintenance can be a bother at times, especially if you have to fix a leak. There are many things that can go unnoticed in a household – but a leaking roof isn’t one of those things you can just ignore. Letting things get worse before doing something about them can cost you a lot. That is why you must be vigilant and attend to the damages as early as possible. Roof leaks are something that need immediate attention. 

Seeking the help of a professional roofing company is your best course of action when it comes to fixing a leak in your roof. If a repair is not executed properly, it can actually worsen the condition of your roof. Here are some of the reason why you should fix a leak in your roof ASAP after you discover it:

1. Deterioration of Structural Materials

Chronic roof leaks can cause extreme damage to ceiling joints, rafters, and wall framing. Constant exposure to water and moisture makes the wood begin to deteriorate. This weakens the framing of the roof, and may even result to collapsing roof structural support. Water from the roof only has one trail, and this follows a downward direction. This means that it does not only damage the top part of the house, but also affects the foundation of the roof. This can be a very big problem if left unattended. 

2. Formation of Molds

Wet wood rots. And where there is moisture, growth of fungal organisms can’t be avoided. The growth of mold can also be a consequence of a leaking roof. It speeds up the deterioration of wood and it can also cause debilitating health problems. A leaking roof allows the mold to spread until it reaches the HVAC system. With the presence of different substances in the air, mold can react and form toxins. Toxic black molds produce spores that can lead to asthmatic problems and other serious respiratory diseases. 

3. Huge Energy Loss

If you think costly repairs and maintenance are your biggest problems concerning a leaking roof, wait until you get a hold of your electric bill! Aside from causing the roofing materials to deteriorate, a leaky roof can also destroy your attic’s insulation. Saturated insulation materials take a very long time to dry out and this weakens its resistance to temperature change. This results in huge heat losses, causing higher power consumption. 

4. Expensive Repairs

Needless to say, a roofing structure that has become weak due to water exposure needs repair. If it is left unfixed for a long time, the damage becomes exponential and the repairs can become quite costly.

5. Fire Hazards

When roofs leak, the moisture can wreak havoc on your insulation and electrical wiring in the ceiling – which can then cause fire hazards. Generally, anything that becomes broken needs fixing. And when it comes time to fix a leak in your roof, you have to act fast. Otherwise, your problem can get pretty nasty and it can result in much more expensive repairs in the future. For a free estimate on your roof repair, call Cherry & Clark Roofing today. We’ll fix your leaking roof and help you protect your investment in your home.