When it comes to home maintenance, the condition of your roof should be given much attention, since many of the major structural problems with your home can occur as a result of a major roof problem. Constant maintenance and check-ups of your roof can prevent big, unforeseen. 

However, if you fail to perform small repairs or simple maintenance each year, you may end up dealing with some more serious roofing problems that you can’t fix on your own. Some of the major roofing problems that require the help of professionals are:

  1. Shrinkage
    Roofs have membranes which is located under the shingles or tiles. These membranes prevent water from penetrating into the house and allow for water to flow easily off of the roof. Over time, these membranes shrink and they eventually need replacing. Installing a new roof membrane requires expertise, so this is one fix you’ll definitely want to call the professionals for.

  2. Broken or Split Shingles
    Shingles or tiles in the roof can be damaged by strong winds and hailstorms. Repairs for a few split and damaged wooden shingles or an isolated part of interlocked shingles can be done with the help of DIY steps. However, larger areas of damage caused by extreme weather often cannot not be solved with a fast fixes. Storm and hail damage to your roof’s shingles usually require a fix from local roofing experts

  3. Ponding Water
    Ponding water can be a cause for concern if spotted on your roof. This is a major cause of roof leaks and damage to your roofing material. When rainwater is not properly drained (this can sometimes occur with flat roofs), it creates a pool in the roof. Long exposure of a roof surface to standing water eventually leads to damage to roof coatings. It’s best to call in a flat roof expert to assess the situation and suggest any repairs or roof replacement with resloping that might be necessary.

  4. Punctures and Cracks
    Strong winds and hailstorms cause the roof surface to be punctured by debris. These punctures or cracks cannot be fixed by simple DIY procedures. It is highly recommended that you call in a professional to make any repairs to the roofing material and any underlying structures that may have been damaged and check for other potential issues.

  5. Ice Damming
    Winter season ice damming can result in a variety of roofing issues. A buildup of ice along the edges of your roof can cause any melting water to pool and get under the shingles. This can result in moisture and leaks entering into your home. A professional roofing company can recommend measures to repair your roof and prevent ice dams from forming in the future.

If you are experiencing any of the above roof problems, contact Cherry & Clark Roofing today. We offer roof checkup plans, emergency repairs and more to ensure your roof is always in top shape. Give us a call at 416-410-6356!