Every year, hail creates damage so big that it results in millions of dollars in damages across Canada. For homeowner living in areas which rarely experience hailstorms and are not prepared, they can be unpredictable. And when they happen, these storms create huge damages. 

After a hailstorm, you may not be able to immediately see if damage has been made to your roof. However, you do need to identify which parts of your roof were damaged in order to prevent the cracks or punctures caused by the hail from turning into more serious roofing issues. You can detect hail damage to shingles in the following ways:

  1. Missing shingles Falling hail can cause shingles to break and get knocked off the roof. Huge hail stones can cause this damage, and one of the most obvious signs of hail damage on the roof is missing shingles.
  2. Inspect your gutter and downspouts for excessive granule build up The impact of the hail on asphalt shingles can knock off the granules. This impact degrades the shingles and can result in further damage. The knocked off granules also create mineral deposits that accumulate in the downspouts. The buildup will give you an indicator of the extent of damage the hailstorm did to your roof. 
  3. Check the ceilings and look for signs of a leak Leaks are the most obvious signs that your roof is damaged. However, it is not the quickest way to detect hail damage to shingles since you may have to wait for rainfall to observe leaks. 
  4. Inspect the metal vents for indentations Metal vents in your roof can also display signs of hail damage. If the impact is strong enough to cause indentations in metal vents, the damage to your roof could be extensive. 
  5. Look for discolored patches and holes on your ceiling One indication of leaks in your roof is the appearance of discolored patches on the ceiling. This indicates water damage and a leak in your roof. However big or small the damage on your roof might be after a hail storm, it certainly requires the help of roof experts to prevent larger roofing issues in the future. Roof damages can be hard to detect, but with the help of a professional roofing company, you can take action to identify and repair any damages you might find. 

If you see any of the above indicators of hail damage on your roof, give us a call immediately!